Dunamis Construction portfolio

  • Apartment Complex Renovation

    We are a high level construction company that spends the time and effort it takes to develop a long term relationship that is based on commitment, hard work and most of all the highest quality.

  • Residential Home Paint and Guttering

    We specialize in interior and exterior painting. We manage the process and communicate with your superintendents/staff on a regular schedule to make sure that you get the quality, price & schedule you need.

  • Residential Home Addition

    Dunamis has the know-how to finish projects efficiently,
    promptly and at minimal cost.

  • Residential Fence Replacement

    We also build decks. We handle all types of wood rot / wood repairs;
    including basic trim boards, siding replacement, and windowsill replacement.

  • Drop Ceiling, Office Remodel

    With strong ties to the Johnson County community,
    we handle all scope of work from referrals.

  • Office Remodel and Painting

    We are experienced in working in and around occupied buildings,
    in warehouses and offices. We understand the client’s needs.

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  • License Information

    Licensed in Kansas and Missouri. For more information, please call (913) 827-8609.